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Ancient Greeks

During your school trip, the group will travel through Ancient Greece discovering the culture and lifestyles that make each state unique. Taking part in typical Greek activities such as arts, warfare and sports, your children will get be immersed in a range of Greek life experiences.


Our historical narrative will allow your children to experience Greek life and culture and explore new regions and city states. Your children will experience drama and fun in the activities that they do with us, all of which promote historical understanding, teamwork and problem solving.

Activity Options

Greek skills

Experience key skills needed to support life – carding, spinning &  wattle fences and using a flint and steel

The Agora Trading Game

What do we need as a civilisation in each city state to survive and thrive? Your quest is to discover your city states strengths and spend your budget wisely on the trading floor to ensure your states survival. 

Greek Olympic Games

Under the Olympic truce, athletes from across Greece come to compete in the games to honour the Gods. It is an opportunity to show off strength and speed, and readiness for war



Give offerings to Apollo, the god of archery, as you learn to shoot with bow and arrow

Hunting- Bow Making

Learn how to make your own bow and arrow set from natural materials to take away

Greek Crime and Punishment

Join in our drama session and experience how the Greeks dispensed justice.

Myths and legends Adventure Game


The gods love to hear about their exploits and adventures – as do the Greek heroes of legend. Follow their trail, stopping to answer riddles, play games or philosophise to please the gods. The activities are all based on famous myths and legends.

Greek artefacts


Investigate a range of Greek objects. What materials are used and why?

Battle of Thermopylae

In the ultimate show of honour to the gods, your quest will lead you in the footsteps of the Spartan heroes. Will you be prepared to sacrifice yourself in the defence of your city state? Will the 300 defeat the attacking Persians in this war?

Spartan Military Manoeuvres 

Are you strong and brave enough to be a Spartan soldier? Learn some military manoeuvres and make a sacrificial offering to Zeus.

Greek fire lighting


Experience an element of Greek life by trying to start a fire using ancient techniques

Greek Games


Dionysus is a god to love whole heartedly! Even when you are on your quest, he would encourage you to rest, have fun and play using our range of ancient Greek games!

Greek Banquet - The Festival of Dionysus


Feast like a Greek in honour of Dionysus.

Prove yourself to the god Dionysus by performing in the festival competition – who will be heaped with praise?

As children of Greece, we welcome you to the Temple of Zeus on Mount Olympus.  You have been carefully selected to go on a sacred quest in honour of the gods. Led by a priest/ess you must earn respect as you face each challenge presented to you.  If you show a range of skills and determination, you may be rewarded by the gods. BUT if you choose to defy the gods or perform poorly….Hades may well come for you, where you will be held as his slaves in the underworld for eternity!

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