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How it works

The information on this page will give you a greater understanding of how Ufton Adventure operates, who we work with and what a normal trip to Ufton Adventure looks like.

How is Ufton Adventure funded?

Ufton is a children’s charity. Our work at Ufton Adventure is funded by our generous donors and also by our in-house weddings and functions business which gift aids 100% of its profits to the charity.


We also offer National Curriculum based History programmes to families who pay. These are offered at Ufton and in school, as well as traditional outdoor activity programmes.

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Who are our team?

Our team of expert practitioners are a mixture of Teachers who have worked in schools and Outdoor Leaders with many years of industry experience. Our team are dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for children.

 All of the team at Ufton without exception have been DBS checked and hold the universal Safeguarding qualification

What is our work based on?

Our work is rooted in research and from this we have developed the Ufton Ladders of Success and Ufton 4 Rs which form the framework of approach. 

Our first mantra is

I can't do it.....yet

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What do we do?

Ufton Adventure uses outdoor learning to develop more successful skills and behaviour. We re-engage children with learning and connect them to nature. Our work helps young people understand physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as well as helping them build relationship skills. 

How often do children come to Ufton or does Ufton come to our school?

Our work is based on the importance of repetition in learning. We need to be exposed to new ideas and concepts and they need to be revised to ensure that they are fully understood. Behavioral change is difficult for anyone to achieve and we need help to embed new attitudes and evolve. We work with school partners to develop bespoke programmes to meet the needs of the children we work with.


Our residential programmes begin and end with Outreach work in school and may include several 2 night visits in one year or visits over multiple years.

We offer day visit programmes with children visiting us weekly and monthly. These can be offered in school at Ufton or a mix of both.

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What outcomes are we working to achieve?

We focus on the learning process rather than the outcome of an activity. This allows new skills to develop and takes the pressure off failing. Our approach encourages both group and independent learning to flourish.  It is not about getting the fire lit, it is about reflecting on what skills were developed in trying to get the fire lit.

Our second mantra is

trying it, getting it, got it!

Our Approach - Free Flow
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When an activity is going well we can spend more time in moments of awe and wonder and conversely of it is not going well we can recognise this and move on. This approach also offers more time for personal and group reflection. We invite children to review the activity and ask themselves key questions, how did things go? Why did things happen this way? What might I do differently next time?

This approach offers a rich learning experience for children, allowing children to progress at their own pace and to feel that they have some ownership of the direction of their learning. Free flow also allows children to practice making choices and dealing with the consequences of their choice. 

Ufton Adventure Girls Education

Reflection is a vital part of learning. Understanding what happened and why and then how we might change our approach is an important part of personal growth. We reflect on achievements and struggles throughout a programme, recording progression against our Ladders of Success and written into our Passports to Success. Children keep their passports after their visit to enable them to continue to reflect on their learning at Ufton long after the programme has concluded.

We give school staff note pads and ask them to write down any magic moments they witness. During reflect and review session, we encourage children to note down or draw things they have noticed about themselves, others or the world around them. We ask that school staff encourage this too.

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External Accreditation

To raise self-esteem, remove fear from exams and show children there is success for all, we run some AQA accreditations alongside some of our activities. We aim for every children to gain at least one AQA accreditation.

The Outdoor Discovery Award is an accreditation in basic navigation skills, encouraging people to gain and improve personal confidence to get out and get active.

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Food and Accomodation

Young people stay in our woodland cabins which sleep up to 38 children and 6 staff. All our cabins have en-suite facilities.

Healthy and nutritious food is cooked communally by school staff with children and our staff will support you to have fun cooking and create a delicious meal. We include a lot of maths and biology in our cooking, there are quizzes and questions! Our objective is to model healthy eating and good table manners, with a meal at Ufton being a fun and social occasion where everybody can chat about their thoughts on the day. These are family mealtimes and are an important part of a residential visit.

Ufton Adventure Woodland Games

Our third mantra... 
Practice makes progress