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World War II

During your school trip, the children will focus on The Home Front, where every British person is doing all they can do fight the war. Our Air Raid Precaution Wardens will meet your children, as they arrive as evacuees in late 1940, from an urban area. 

On arrival the new evacuees are enrolled into the 1st Ufton Scouts and Guide units and throughout their stay they are trained to help their community and protect against raids. Learning how to make the best out of rationed items, crack codes and protect yourself in an air raid will all be a part of their World War II childhood


For full immersion, please come dressed as evacuees with your gas mask!

Activity Options

Life on the farm- The Air Raid (Blitzkrieg)

​Experience farm roles of evacuees on our farm. Be ready to take cover when the siren sounds and find out more about the blackout! What was life really like as an evacuee?

Wartime Childhood – Bow Making

Experience bow making to make your own toy bow and arrow to play one of the top favourite games during the 40s – cowboys and Indians!


Develop navigation and map reading skills within the grounds of Ufton Court.

Wartime Childhood Campfire


Experience an element of WWII life by trying to start a fire using historical techniques

Decoy Airfield and Messaging

You are needed to help trick the enemy, protect local airfields by creating decoys and learning morse code to intercept secret messages.


Learn how to plait, sew on a button and make a rag rug. These skills enable us to be self-sufficient

Wartime Childhood – Den Building

Experience building a den with your friends. Can you make it waterproof? (Water bombs may be deployed!!)

Home Front artefacts

Investigate a range of WWII objects. What materials are used and why?

WWII games

Study Home Front life in terms of their leisure pursuits – try your hand at some games

WWII Children's Tea Party


Everybody loves a party, especially during these difficult days… 

Includes WWII Dance, Newspaper party hats and flapping fish.

War is upon us, and every family must do their bit for the country… 

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