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During your school trip, your children are sent to Ufton Court by a Justice of the Peace in Berkshire, to investigate the ‘strange goings on’ at the residence of Lord and Lady Francis Perkins. There are rumours of secret Catholic things happening here. As local Petty Constables of the parish of Ufton Nervet, your children’s legal duty is to investigate these claims, find evidence of the claims and consider what might be happening here.

Our Tudor narrative will allow your children to experience life and culture, as it would have been at Ufton Court in the 1500s. Your children will experience drama and fun in the activities that they do with us, all of which promote historical understanding, teamwork and problem solving.

We also offer two alternative narratives, please enquire with us directly for further details.

Access to the Tudor Manor House is not guaranteed for a Tudor day visit.

Activity Options

Tudor Explorers

Join the crew of Sir Francis Drake and circumnavigate the world from 1577 to 1580

Tudor fire lighting
Tudor skills

Experience key skills needed to support life – carding, spinning &  wattle fences and using a flint and steel

Brass rubbings


Experience an element of Tudor life by trying to start a fire using historical techniques

House exploration


Explore the Manor House to investigate rumours of ‘strange goings on’ at the Catholic Manor

Quill and Ink

Experience making ink then create your own quill to take away


Create your own brass rubbing to take away

Tudor crime and punishment

Take part in a Tudor court case to learn how criminals were dealt with

Tudor portraits

Every picture tells a story. Investigate the portraits to discover the hidden messages within them

Tudor artefacts
Tudor games

Investigate a range of Tudor objects. What materials are used and why?


Study Tudor life in terms of their leisure pursuits – try your hand at some games

Life on the farm

Experience elements of Tudor farming through milking, grinding grain and interacting with animals



Hunt food for the banquet, as you learn to shoot with bow and arrow

Tudor willow weaving

Experience a key skill needed to support life – willow weaving – and make a tray to take away

Grounds exploration

Explore the grounds to investigate rumours of ‘strange goings on’ at the Catholic Manor

Tudor Entertainment


Experience elements of Tudor culture by learning their dances and games

Herb Garden Hunt / Posy bags


Discover how herbs were used by Tudors then make your own posy bag to take away

The Raid

Re-enact the story of 1599 where soldiers raided the house in search of Catholic evidence

Bow Making

Learn how to make your own bow and arrow set from natural materials to take away. The law says you must practice archery from the age of 7!

Tudor Banquet


Make merry and be ready for what the next day brings! Includes Dance.

Experience life during the turbulent Tudor period…

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