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During your school trip, your group will learn about the Vikings’ attempts at settling and the struggle between the kingdom of Wessex and the Danes. The children learn about how the Vikings were able to explore widely, what they needed to do this, about different aspects of their lives and the fact that they didn’t always win. Their religion and belief in their gods significantly influenced their attitude to life and battles

Our Viking narrative will allow your children to experience Viking life, as it would have been. Your children will experience drama and fun in the activities that they do with us, all of which promote historical understanding, teamwork and problem solving.

Activity Options

Viking skills

Experience key skills needed to support life – carding, spinning, wattle fences and using a flint and steel

Viking torc

Create your own Viking torc, learning some metal work skills along the way, to take away

Viking funeral drama

Consider what is needed for the afterlife and prepare the body to join the Gods in Valhalla

Battle of Reading

Re-enact the story of the Battle of Reading. Learn how King Alfred outwitted the Vikings in Wessex

Viking Tales


Re-enact the story of Beowulf and how he defeated Grendel the monster

Voyaging Vikings

Journey on the Viking ship to faraway places to discover the treasures Vikings came away with

Viking games

Study Viking life in terms of their leisure pursuits – try your hand at some games

Crime and Punishment

Laws were made at an assembly called the AllThing; crimes were judged at local assemblies called the LawThing. 

Life on the farm

Experience elements of Saxon farming through milking, grinding grain and interacting with animals

Viking Fire Lighting


Experience an element of Viking life by trying to start a fire using ancient techniques

Vicious Vikings

Learn key battle skills and prepare for battle!

Hunting- Bow Making

Learn how to make your own bow and arrow set from natural materials to take away

Viking artefacts

Investigate a range of Viking objects. What materials are used and why?



How do we get our food? The woods in the area are likely to have suitable prey: wild boar, pheasant, rabbits and deer. 

Viking Feast


Take part in a Viking feast to celebrate the victory so far and to prepare for battle the next day. 

Accompany the Vikings as they invade, pillage and plunder their way around the Northern Hemisphere!

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