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During your school trip, your group will become new Roman legionnaire arrivals to a strange new land that they have settled in. Your visit will centre on our settlement, woods and farmlands where they will take part in crafts and skills, games, drama activities and Roman soldier training.

Our Roman narrative will allow your children to experience Roman life, as it would have been in nearby Calleva Atrebatum (Silchester). Your children will experience drama and fun in the activities that they do with us, all of which promote historical understanding, teamwork and problem solving.

Activity Options

Roman Augury Trail

Explore the grounds and join the augurs as they seek to find out whether the day will go well

Roman fire lighting 


Experience an element of Roman life by trying to start a fire using ancient techniques

Military manoeuvres

Prepare for battle and experience how Romans attacked and protected themselves from the Celts

Roman artefacts

Investigate a range of Roman objects. What materials are used and why?

Life on the farm


Experience elements of Roman farming through milking, grinding grain and interacting with animals

Roman Skills

Experience key skills needed to support life- carding, spinning, wattle fences and use a flint a steel



Hunt food for the feast, as you learn to shoot with bow and arrow

Crime and punishment

Experience what it was like to be a Roman citizen, what it might have felt like to break the law and what would have happened to you. Find out how corrupt Roman Britain was and see if you can pay your way out of your crimes.

Roman Games 


Study Roman life in terms of their leisure pursuits- try your hand at some ancient games

Roman banquet


 Enjoy the food, wine, dancing and entertainments laid on by the host, Julius Flavius.

Roman willow weaving 

Experience a key skill needed to support life- willow weaving- and make a sword to take away

Boudicca’s Revolt

Re-enact the story of Boudicca’s Revolt- were the Iceni right to rebel against Rome?

Roman plays and entertainment


Prepare and perform classic tales such as Romulus and Remus

Roman soap making 

SEASONAL (May-September)

Create your own soap ball by choosing herbs from the herb garden to mix with other ingredients 

As legionaries in the roman army, you are here in Roman Britain in the hope of making a name for yourselves, earning your way up through the ranks

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