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Ufton Court Safeguarding Archery Girl


Safeguarding Statement

We have a special duty of care to protect all the young people who visit Ufton.

If you are worried about anything you have seen or heard or there is something happening in your life that you want to share then tell someone about it.

You can talk to someone at school or youth club or on the Ufton team. Find someone  that  you feel comfortable speaking to.

It doesn’t matter what it is, if its worrying you, tell someone.

Our Safeguarding Leads are here to help you:

Neil Gauld

Sarah Lindsell

What Happens If I Report Something?

We will listen to everything you have to say and will write down a few notes, we won’t ask too many questions.

We cannot promise to keep every secret, if someone is in trouble, being hurt or involved in a crime then we would have to let people know so that they can be helped.

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