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Ufton Outdoors

Ufton Outdoors

Ufton Outdoors 

Meaningful experiences with nature that improve 

health & wellbeing.

We offer outdoor activity courses for schools ranging from team building, environmental activities, construction activities, craft activities, science based fun, water based activities and forest skills.

At Ufton Outdoors students participate in a number of adventurous and memorable challenges.

The aims of our program are to;

  • Learn how to overcome adversity and increase resilience

  • Enhance personal and social development

  • Develop a deeper relationship with nature

  • Have fun in the outdoors with friends

Ufton Outdoors
Ufton Outdoors
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Ufton Outdoors
Ufton Outdoors - Firelighting

At Ufton Outdoors, children will develop...


Personal confidence and self-esteem through challenge and success in the outdoors

Environmental Awareness

Experiencing ‘awe and wonder’ in response to the natural beauty of wild environments

Key Skills

Developing skills of communication, problem solving and teamwork

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Personal Qualities

Demonstrating increased initiative, responsibility and perseverance

Broadened Horizons

Becoming more aware of different environments

Ufton Outdoors - Bikes
Ufton Outdoors - Barrel Boards
Ufton Outdoors
Ufton Outdoors

Residential Trips


1 to 4 nights


10am arrival, 1pm departure


20-110 children


Fully catered including fiesta night

Day Trips

Day Visit




20-200 children



Extended Day Visit



Snacks, Lunch/Fiesta, Picnic Dinner

Outdoor Learning: topics and actvities


  • Woodland walk scavenger hunt: 

  • Shelter building

  • Hammocks

  • Woodland games

  • Woodland walk​

Activities involving fire options:​

  • Use a Kelly kettles

  • Demonstrate initiative, responsibility and perseverance to light a fire to toast marshmallows​, a bread twist​ or boil water to make a hot drink.

Creative craft activities options: ​

  • Forest eyes​

  • ​Braided bracelet

  • Uftonsworthy: Create your own woodland sculptures​

  • Miniature shelters


  • Pond Dipping

  • Habitat Hunt

  • Food Chain Fun

Additional activity options:

  • Building a Better Future- A role play session of building a town. 

  • Dig for Sustainability - Explore Ufton's garden beds to see where  food comes from. 

  • Everybody Needs A Home - Group, identify and name a variety of living things and where they belong.​

  • The Planning Board - Interactive session on role play using real life scenarios on the environment. ​

  • Woodland walk – Lost Letters.

  • Woodland walk – Scavenger hunt.


Nature Connection

  • Woodland Walk- Earth: Experience the awe and wonder of the woodland, collect items of interest along the way to create a journey stick or dream catcher​.

  • Woodland Walk: Experience the awe and wonder of the woodland, collect something spiky, shiny, rough, straight and compare with friends​

  • Woodland Walk - Scavenger Hunt: Experience the awe and wonder of the woodland, collect something spiky, shiny, rough, straight and compare with friends ​

  • Woodland Games: Play various games in the woodland, perhaps with camouflage face paints and camouflage ponchos

​​Additional activity options:

  • Wide games                                                  

  • Carbon in Trees​

  • Dig for Sustainability.​

  • Forest eyes

  • Habitat Hunt

  • Pond Dipping​

  • Adapting animals

Physical Development

  • Bridge the gap

  • Low ropes (Max. ratio 1:12​)

  • Bikes (Max. ratio 1:12​)

  • Archery (Max. ratio 1:15​)

  • Wide games

  • Ultimate Frisbee

​​Additional activity opinions:

  • Balance bridge (Max. ratio 1:12) ​

  • Challenge wall (Max. ratio 1:12) ​

  • Rafting (Max. ratio 2:16) ​

  • Speed noughts and crosses ​

  • Challenge wall (Max. ratio 1:12) ​

  • Circus skills

  • Human heart rate

  • Hungry hippos (Inside activity)

  • Parachute games ​

  • Rafting (Max. ratio 2:16) ​

  • Frisbee Fun



  • Adapting Animals

  • Rocket car

  • Egg’cellent Parachutes 

​Additional activity options:

  • Bridge Building​

  • Everybody Needs A Home

  • Food Chain Fun

  • Habitat Hunt

  • Krazy Racers

  • Paper Aeroplanes

  • Pond Dipping

  • Shape Up! (using Grid Element) 

  • Symmetry in Motion 

  • Woodland Walk

Team Building

  • Earthball (Max ratio 1:20​)

  • Blindfold games

  • Barrel Boarding (Max ratio 1:20​)

  • A-frame walking

  • Flintstone cars

​Additional activity options:

  • 3Hs (Max ratio 1:20​)

  • Balance Bridge (Max ratio 1:12)

  • Ballistic Build

  • Ballistic Challenge

  • Battleships

  • Blindfold Games

  • Cannonball Run (Max ratio 1:20​)

  • Max. ratio (Max ratio 1:20​)

  • Challenge Wall (Max ratio 1:12)

  • Chariots

  • Human Hungry Hippos-

  • Low Ropes (Max Ratio 1:12)

  • Map skills

  • Orienteering

  • Photomapping

  • Tyres of Hanoi (Max Ratio1:12) ​

Low Ropes no helmets.JPG

Teddy bear picnic

Day Visit only. 

  • Shelter building for teddies

  • Habitat Piles / Bug hotels

  • Scavenger Hunt

  • Paw trail around the grounds

  • Meet the animals of Ufton Woods

  • Teddy bear tag

To Book:

For further details please contact

Telephone: 0118 983 2099


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