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The Nest

The Nest at Ufton

For children lost in the classroom

We support children who are lost in the classroom.

A safe environment with a broad range of activities.

A nurturing and educational space based on experiential and outdoor learning.

Supporting children who have experienced trauma and have poor attachments.

Supporting children facing challenges at school with peer relationships, behaviour and emotion regulation.

The Nest helps children form positive experiences with adults and peers, leading to improved self-esteem, self-efficacy and resilience as prerequisites for learning.

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The Nest


 The Nest can support up to 8 children from one school, per session, focusing primarily on Year 1 to Year 5 children.

• It operates 5 days a week, with each child attending one day per week during the academic year.

• Transportation to and from schools will be provided by Ufton.

• Pre and post outreach activities in schools reinforce learning and celebrate achievements.

• The curriculum at The Nest is flexible, addressing individual needs.

• By integrating Ufton Adventure's proven programme (Fuller 2016) with the insights from attachment theory and nurture theory, The Nest provides a focused and effective educational experience.

• We have a qualified, dedicated team that includes experienced teachers, pastoral support workers and outdoor leaders

A Day at The Nest


1. Children are picked up from school at 9:30am and driven to Ufton where they meet with the team from The Nest.

2. Breakfast, prepared and eaten together.

3. Activities will involve feeding and caring for our farm animals; tending to vegetable and fruit beds and similar nature and nurture-based sessions.

4. Following lunch, children will have time to chill, explore, play and socialise.

5. Afternoons are more structured with more formal and experiential learning.

6. The day ends with reflection, celebration and recognition.

7. Children are then driven back to school.

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For more information, or to make a school booking please  contact us :

Telephone: 0118 983 2099


The Nest works directly with schools so if you are a parent, please ask your school to contact us directly.

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