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Ufton Adventure Walking

Ufton Adventure

We enrich the lives of young people 
What is Ufton Adventure

Ufton Adventure takes children and young people into the wild, giving them an unforgettable and life-changing experience. We seek to change children’s lives through challenging and inspirational experiential education, helping to build attitudes, behaviours and skills that raise their aspirations and attainment to transform their life course.  We do this by providing residential stays in our purpose-built woodland cabins located 20 minutes from Reading. Our intentional programme of outdoor activities, based on the theory of change, is designed to help children reach beyond their perceived limitations. 

Ufton Adventure Education
Ufton Adventure Girls Games
How we change children's lives

We help children immerse themselves in activities, helping them to:

  • Develop a positive attitude to change, challenge and choice

  • Aim High

  • Be prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century

  • Spend more time outdoors

  • Build and develop positive relationships

  • Manage anxiety and depression

  • Manage physical health - diet, sleep and exercise

  • Increase appetite and enjoyment for learning

  • Develop skills to become work ready

Ufton Adventure Archery
Ufton Adventure Girls Walking

Raising Aspirations

Challenging outdoor education which includes managed risk taking develops the confidence that young people have in their ability to succeed

Ufton Adventure Boys Trebuchet

Raising Attainment

Ufton Adventure develops the necessary skills for learning. We engage young people with education and they return to school ready to learn and aim high.

Ufton Adventure Disadvantaged Children

Unlocking Ambition

Ufton Adventure helps young people to develop successful behaviours and create an understanding of the range of possibilities open to them.

Ufton Adventure Happy Kids
Enabling better life chances - Levelling Up

At Ufton Adventure, we work to increase social mobility through purposeful outdoor education. We work in a holistic way helping children to better understand themselves and to learn how to take control of their personal wellbeing and develop a sense of purpose in life. We develop children’s self-esteem, confidence, resilience and willingness to try new tasks through our expertly delivered programmes. 

Ufton Adventure Ladders of Success.png
How do we achieve our impact - The Ladders of Success

These cover the social and emotional areas of self-esteem, empathy, friendship and nature connectedness and wellbeing


The ladders break down abstract concepts to give children building blocks and allow them to have a voice in their own personal development. They decide, through reflection and review, where on the ladders they would like to focus. 

Together with our expert staff a personal action plan is created and sent back to school so that the learning and development gained at Ufton is transferrable.

The Ufton 4 Rs

The Four R’s are the mindset for success. We have developed these to promote positive behaviours. These learning behaviours are essential foundations for raising aspiration and attainment and unlocking ambition.


for themselves, others, equipment and the environment


to give things a go, to keep trying, to break down goals, to bounce back

Ufton Adventure Logo

for their behaviour, their belongings, their safety, the natural world


did I do all I could? How did I and others feel? What good things in nature did I see?

Ufton Adventure Cabins

Residential visits develop relationships between staff and students, and also between the students themselves. The positive impact of this persists long after the return to school. Relationships between students become more constructive and teachers tell us that they now understand their students better and they trust each other more. 

Development of Relationships
Ufton Adventure Bake off

Our Outcomes


Encourage engagement with learning and school


To understand and better manage physical, mental and emotional wellbeing


To develop relationship building skills


To foster a connection with our natural world

Woodland archery
Outdoors, Forestry Skills 3
parachute group
boys in cabins
Boy wattling group smile
A - disabled archery avenue crop
disability disabled farm edit and crop
boy red top feeding goat on farm, (2019)
Bake off - girl smiling holding sauce
reading girls friends secondary
Bake off - apple crumble making
invasion games primary boy
archery secondary girls
sitting on a log
Supporting Kids at Ufton Adventure

Ufton Adventure visits are free to families. They would not be possible without generous donations from our supporters and profits gift-aided from our wedding and function business.

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