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Ufton Adventure Girl Low Ropes

Rooted in Research

To learn more about the theoretical research that is the basis of our education methods

Rooted in Research

Our work at Ufton Adventure is informed by psychological research and theories. If you would like to understand more about our methodology and mechanisms please download and reach the attached document 

Why true Outdoor Education is vital

If Outdoor education became a compulsory part of the National Curriculum there would be a step change in the quality and impact of English schooling. 

Outdoor education is most powerful when “interwoven within the formal school curriculum” (1) and only by making it compulsory will it be possible to effectively influence school priorities and teacher behaviour. 

Ufton Original Research

The University of Reading led a five year longitudinal study at Ufton Adventure entitled 'Girlhood'. To learn more click the link below.

Theory of Change

Learn more about Ufton's Theory of Change and how it forms part of our educational programmes. 

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