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During your school trip, your group will experience life within a nomadic Neolithic family in search of a new homeland. Witness their transition from hunter gatherers to farmers, and develop some of the skills they would have needed to survive.

Our historical narrative will allow your children to experience Neolithic life and culture, as they move in search of new land. Your children will experience drama and fun in the activities that they do with us, all of which promote historical understanding, teamwork and problem solving.

Activity Options

Neolithic Skills

Experience key skills needed to support life – experience trying to start a fire using a bow drill, use a slingshot and spin wool.

Neolithic Jewellery Making

Experience an element of Neolithic culture by making an item of jewellery.

Amulet Workshop

What skills would we need? What natural materials could we use? Learn to make an item of jewellery using clay to create your own beads, or pre-dyed natural materials to make a braid, or thin copper wire and natural materials to make an amulet. 



Hunt food for the feast, as you learn to shoot with bow and arrow.

Neolithic Stone Circle Building

Working together and using authentic methods, you will transport and manoeuvre great monoliths into position to raise a stone circle to our gods. Be sure that all is done as the Elders wish it!

Hunting and Gathering Woodland Walk

Assessing the lie of the land and our territory within the surrounding woodlands. What is there that we can use? Can you fill your foraging basket with useful items for our everyday lives? Includes Artefacts.

Herbs & Charms


Look at the power of plants to discover their uses.

Amesbury Archer Burial Drama 

What did they believe? What did they think they had to do for the dead and why? It falls to the tribe to bury him with a ritual. Consider what is needed for the afterlife and prepare the body appropriately. Call upon the gods to guide his journey ... 

Hunting - Bow Making

Learn how to make your own Neolithic bow and arrow set from natural materials to take away.

Neolithic Fire Lighting


Experience an element of Neolithic life by trying to start a fire using ancient techniques (a bow drill and flint with iron pyrite).

Neolithic Feast & Campfire


As a community, coming together was very important - it may have been for religious reasons, such as Solstice.

Develop your own story telling skills to highlight the way in which people shared knowledge and news.

You are a group of nomadic Neolithic families who are on the move, seeking out new land for your family and crops… 

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