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The Iron Age (Celts)

During your school trip, your group become members of the Atrebates tribe, and settlers in these lands. We are nearby the town of Calleva Atrebatum, where manufactured goods, such as horse and chariot gear, were exchanged for metals, grain, slaves and other commodities from across southern Britain. In turn these were passed to the Roman world in exchange for luxury foodstuffs and manufactured goods.


Our historical narrative will allow your children to experience Iron Age life, with visits to us having the opportunity to use our onsite settlement. Through a range of activities, they experience elements of culture and life in Iron Age Britain, the impact of the Romans and can re-enact one of the most famous Celtic stories, Boudicca. Your children will experience drama and fun in the activities that they do with us, all of which promote historical understanding, teamwork and problem solving.

Activity Options

Iron Age Skills

Experience key skills needed to support life- carding, spinning, wattle fences and use a flint and steel.

War Paint and Warfare

We are very proud of our culture, which has become even more important to our tribal identity since we resettled. In uncertain times, our war paint is part of our psychological advantage over enemies

Celtic Fire Lighting 


Experience an element of Celtic life by trying to start a fire using ancient techniques

Celtic Artefacts


Investigate a range of Celtic objects. What materials are used and why?

Hunting- Bow  Making

Learn how to make your own bow and arrow set from natural materials to take away

Life on the Farm

Work hard on the farm through milking, wattling, grinding grain and interacting with the animals

Ground Exploration- Ogham Trail


Explore the grounds to discover how we use the world around us to survive

Celtic Games


Study Celtic life in terms of their leisure pursuits- try your hand at some ancient games

Boudicca’s Revolt

Re-enact the story of Boudicca’s Revolt- were the Iceni right to rebel against Rome?

Conall Yellowclaw - Celtic Tales and Poetry

Learn stories and songs from Iron Age culture, following the adventure of Conall Yellowclaw.



The surrounding forests are excellent hunting grounds for boar and deer – especially necessary for a successful feast! We must sharpen our skills to ensure that the tribe can celebrate in style

Celtic Feast


It is a time to be thankful for a seasonal festival or the new peaceful home we have found, and forget about the concerning rumours from the Eastern tribes. Halfway through the feast, disturbing news of the Iceni reaches us. Include dance, tales and poetry

Follow the Atrebates tribe as they navigate the perilous world of Roman Britain. Learn about Celtic customs, beliefs and how different tribes adjusted to Roman rule. 

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