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Ancient Egyptians 

During your school trip, your group will experience Egyptian life as part of the Royal Household, gaining an understanding of how Egyptian beliefs explained the world around them. In particular, they will experience the trials of living and dying in Egypt, getting to see the effect that a royal death had on the society.

Our historical narrative will allow your children to experience Egyptian life and culture. Your children will experience drama and fun in the activities that they do with us, all of which promote historical understanding, teamwork and problem solving.

Activity Options

Battle of Megiddo

Experience life as an Egyptian soldier going to battle against a mighty Syrian uprising

Embalming & Mummification

Experience elements of Egyptian culture by spending 70 days preparing a body for its passage to the next life



As Ancient Egyptians, archery is a key skill, not just for hunting for meat and furs, but also for use in warfare.

Hunting- bow making

Learn how to make your own bow and arrow set from natural materials to take away.

Book of the Dead

Learn what difficulties Ancient Egyptians faced on their journey to the Afterlife.

Egyptian Fire lighting


Experience elements of life by starting a fire using a bow drill.

Egyptian Crime & Punishment

Join in our drama session and experience how the Egyptians dispensed justice

Egyptian Games


What could children do?  What skills would these games develop? What would they use to make games and why? How are these similar /different to what we play today?

Egyptian Feast & stories


Understand why Egyptians held feasts and what they were celebrating. Take part in feasting and experience elements of Egyptian culture by retelling ancient stories like the Creation story.

It is 1458 BCE. You will live as members of the Royal Household, in Thebes (Ancient capital of Egypt) serving King Thutmose III. Develop knowledge about the trials of living and dying in Egypt, particularly the effect a royal death (Pharoah Hatshepsut) the Queen and co-regent) had on the society. She was an excellent Pharoah who bought great prosperity to Egypt.  Follow the story of the young King Thutmose III, whose rule was in jeopardy from the Syrians.  Re-enact the battle of Megiddo (1457) between the Canaanites and Syrians vs Egyptians. 

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